Reclaimed wood desks

Bespoke reclaimed wood desks made from kiln dried timber.  We can make desks in many different styles and sizes from standard computer desks to more elaborate desks with monitor bridges, sliding keyboard trays, cupboards and drawers. All our handmade desks can be tailored to your specifications, click into some of the more popular handmade desk options below to find out more. 

Computer desk made from reclaimed wood with drawers

Computer desks

Versatile and chunky desks

Corner desk made from reclaimed wood, with drawers in leg

Corner desks

Bigger desk whilst saving space

Salon desk made from reclaimed wood

Salon desks

Chunky desks for hairdressers, florists etc

Reception desk made from reclaimed wood

Reception desks

Reclaimed wood desks for shops and retail

studio desk made from reclaimed wood

Studio desks

Desks for musicians and recording studios

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All our reclaimed wood desks are shipped unassembled for transportation and easy installation.  Typically all you will need to re-assemble is an adjustable spanner and sometimes a screwdriver.

Get in touch via the contact form, or give me a call on 07789 381989 to discuss.  As these handmade desks are built to order I would typically draw something up in Sketchup before starting work to make sure we are both happy with the design.

Assuming the keyboard shelf is spanning between legs on the desk, the minimum height is around 95mm.  This can be increased to anything you like as we make the keyboard shelves specifically for your keyboard. Bear in mind that this may impact on your leg space under the keyboard shelf, or the overall height of the desk (see next question)

There is always a bit of a tradeoff between leg height under the keyboard shelf and ergonomic desktop height.  If your keyboard is very tall then making the overall desk taller may be the best solution.  Get in touch to discuss

Generally a man with a van.  There are a couple of different companies that I use, when ordering send me your postcode and I can get some quotes.  Alternatively you are welcome to collect or send someone, I’m based just south of Bristol.

Send me an email via the contact or order pages.  If you haven’t heard back in a couple of days please call/ message me on 07789 381989 as sometimes emails get stuck in my over active spam filter.

Generally no, I use Danish oil to finish the desks which is hard wearing, safe and can cope with coffee cups etc.  If you knocked or dented your desk you could give the affected area a rub down with some sand paper and touch it up with Danish oil.  Given the fact that these handmade computer desks are made from reclaimed wood you might decide that any extra dents are just adding to the character!