Chunky Reclaimed Furniture is a small company creating bespoke, chunky furniture from kiln dried timber reclaimed in the South-West and Wales.
Our focus is on high quality individual product design and good service – all our reclaimed wood furniture is handmade to your specifications.

Call Guy on 07789 381989 to discuss your requirements.

Reclaimed wood board

I started Chunky Reclaimed Furniture over a decade ago, born out of a genuine passion for working with old timber and other natural materials including slate and steel.  I strive to create timeless pieces in styles ranging from rustic to industrial – using simple, well thought out designs that look and feel the part. 

For the rock-star (or DJ) in your life

Check out our sister site: Chunky Studio Furniture.  Handmade furniture for recording studios, musicians, composers and producers. 
Specialising in studio desks, 19″ rack cabinets and storage solutions made from the same chunky wood – with the aim of bringing something warm, unique and characterful into the studio environment.