Salon desks

Chunky salon desks made from reclaimed wood.  These salon desks come with a solid customer facing back and top shelf for bookings book, flowers etc. and a lower, inner desk for computer/ phone etc.  As with other desks these are made to order based on your specifications. Below are the dimensions for the pictured examples.


Reclaimed wood salon desks
This desk was given a dark stain prior to oiling.

Salon desks

Reclaimed wood salon desks

Salon desks

Price includes VAT @ 20%



The wood used in the desks is around 3.5cm thick – giving a solid chunky appearance. The dimensions are up to you and will be priced accordingly.


  • Customer work top height: 110cm
  • Receptionist desk height: 75cm
  • Overall depth: 66cm
  • Width: 120cm

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