A good frame can really enhance your photo, picture or mirror and this will in turn have an impact on the room in which it is hung.
I recently reframed a large mirror – it had a thin, un-inspiring frame around it that didn’t do much for the mirror or the chimney breast that it was hung on.


Below are the before and after pictures, ultimately they speak for themselves.   I made a frame using reclaimed wood floor boards and sunk the mirror and its original frame into the new frame that I had made (unfortunately it was impossible to remove the existing frame from the mirror).   The mirror now fills the space in a way that it didn’t before and the frame itself has become the feature for the chimney breast.


This is a great example of how you can change the nature of the item you want to frame and by filling the space better – aesthetically improve your room.


Reclaimed wood mirror

Original frame
Reclaimed wood mirror

The same mirror, hung in ‘portrait’ mode and reframed using reclaimed wood.


The frames that I made are all handmade from reclaimed wood – usually floorboards that have plenty of character.  Given that everyone’s framing needs are different, each one is made bespoke to your dimensions.

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