Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands / butchers block made from reclaimed wood joists, oak posts and floorboards.  We can make these units in a variety of different styles, with additional features such as built in cupboards, shelves or an overhanging top on one side to form a breakfast bar.
See the cabinets page for potential features that you might want to incorporate into your kitchen island.


Kitchen islands butchers block


Kitchen island butchers block


Kitchen islands / butchers block



The unit pictured was made from reclaimed floor joists (hence the nail holes along the edges) with oak beams for the legs and floorboard shelving.

Given the nature of the wood used in the top of the pictured unit, it wouldn’t be suitable for chopping directly onto.  However if you intended to use yours for this purpose then I could source some hardwood chopping block to use in place of the joist top.


•Height: 91cm
•Width: 122 cm
•Depth: 45cm

Price: £400 (based on the above dimensions)

These units are made to order so please get in touch using the contact form with your ideal dimensions and features (doors, shelves etc), so that I can provide you with a quote and delivery timescale.

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