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Slate and scaffold board coffee table

Most of the items we produce are finished in Danish oil. This gives a wipe clean, non-toxic finish that brings out the grain whilst protecting and nourishing the wood.  If you spill anything on your furniture, wipe it up before it dries to avoid serious scrubbing. If you happen to scratch or damage the surface of your furniture, you can touch up the finish with more Danish oil using a soft cloth or paintbrush. (You might want to open the windows first though!)

If you are moving your furniture, be sure to lift it rather than dragging it across the floor as this could weaken any joints and damage your floor.  Also bear in mind that it could be very heavy so don’t go injuring yourself!

If you are placing larger pieces onto a polished floor, you may want to invest in some felt pads (or similar) to protect your floor.

Be aware that wood – being an organic material – can sometimes shrink or move slightly when placed in new surroundings.  Ideally keep your furniture away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight, although I appreciate that this isn’t always practical.  We do our best to minimise any movement that may occur by drying the wood out over several months prior to working on it and (where necessary) bracing it. In the unlikely event that the wood does move, it will tend to slightly open up any existing gaps in the grain.  Given the nature of the furniture that we produce, this can be seen as a positive thing as it accentuates the rustic nature of reclaimed wood.




Xanax Online 2015

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In UkAccording to the charity WRAP, over 4.5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated in the UK each year (WRAP 2009). That’s a lot of wood! Only a very small percentage of this wood ends up being recycled.

More and more individuals are now looking to reuse or upcycle materials to lessen the impact on our planet and make the most of our limited resources.

By using reclaimed wood, Chunky Reclaimed Furniture aims to make a make a difference to the amount of wood that is thrown in landfills, or turned into chippings for burning. A side benefit of this is that furniture made from reclaimed wood (in our opinion) has a lot more character than new wood. Surely this is a win – win situation both for the consumer and the planet!

Wood that has been previously used in industry or construction is going to bear evidence of former use, these scars can be exploited when building the furniture – anything from rusty nail holes, to notches and joist marks – all look great when sanded down and oiled up. This brings a unique bit of history into your home or office.

No two items that we produce are going to look exactly the same, as each piece of wood has its own story to tell. Combine that with the fact that everything is handmade (often to your dimensions) and you have a bespoke piece of furniture with truly green credentials!

Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online

I’ve just submitted a post on your Facebook page with one of the photos.  I stare at this unit [bespoke shelving unit] everyday – it’s absolutely beautiful.  We love it!!
Thank you so much.  Will order more bespoke furniture in the autumn after we’ve done our extensions!

“Best rack I’ve seen! Very well made, super sturdy and looks perfect in my studio”
Ash Hall – The Sound Laboratory – Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my shelves, they are lovely and just what I wanted!!

Absolutely thrilled with the desk and shelf. Thank you so much for everything.

We happily received the furniture last night and we are so happy! It’s so beautiful we are really pleased with all of it. Thanks so much! We will definitely be in touch in the future.

Just to let you know the racks are here, they’re absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted/imagined!

Just a quick note from my new desk!
Thank you so much, it’s amazing.  When I’ve actually got the shelf up too, I’ll email you a picture for your portfolio.
Bart [the driver] was fabulous today, we did take a look at the length of the desk and wonder how we were going to get it in the office (I actually didn’t think about the logistics of getting it in the house!). But with a bit of thinking outside the box, we did it easily.
I’ll definitely be back if we need anything similar in future.

My desk has arrived and is all assembled and ready to go. It looks fantastic and it feels indestructible!
Thanks so much for all your work.

It [the desk] is exactly what we wanted.  Fits in perfectly with our cottage!

Thank you so much for this beautiful and absolutely perfect bookshelf unit! As you can see, it fits a treat.
Can’t thank you enough for such a beautiful piece of furniture – which my husband and I think is really good value! We will be HIGHLY recommending you to everyone we know!!
We will definitely order from you again.

The rack arrived safely today. It looks great. Thank you for such a fantastic unit!

The table top just arrived
Thanks for the nice work it is just perfect, exactly what we want
Nice Doing business with you.

Thank you so much for the desk & shelves!  They’re beautiful.  We’re really pleased with them.

Thanks so much, can’t believe how good it all looks and superbly built.

Furniture arrived safely – absolutely love it. Smells fantastic too!

Photos should be with you by the end of the week – thank you so much. It really is the most beautiful thing and more than anything I love that it will last forever –  I can pass it on through the generations!

The desk it utterly gorgeous – you chose some very beautiful pieces of wood; I’m so happy with it.

Just wanted to let you know that the rack pod arrived on Friday and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you very much indeed!
I will send you some pics of it installed and loaded when it is done in May.
Thanks again I shall be in touch for some more items in the not too distant future.

Hi Guy….

I received it today and am very happy !!!
Attached is a pic with it loaded.
Many Thanks

Good Morning Guy,
Just to say a big thanks to you, the racking arrived this morning and looks nice and rugged.  It’ll match my cottage perfectly.  Should I need anymore I know where to come.
All the best,

Afternoon Guy,
Rack received in one piece. Really nice job, thank you. Very solid, loads of character, and an unexpected bonus that it even smells great. Can’t ask for much more than that. It sits very happily on my desk, now I just have to populate it!

Hi Guy
Just wanted to let you know that the rack pod arrived on Friday and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you very much indeed!
I will send you some pics of it installed and loaded when it is done in May.
Thanks again I shall be in touch for some more items in the not too distant future.

Guy, I bought book shelves from you a while ago. Just wanted to let you know that everyone comments how nice they are and are always surprised by the price. You should charge more! Hope the business is going well.

Hello Guy
Just a quick email to say thanks for the desk and shelves. They are fantastic.
I will put some photos of the assembled / fitted pieces on your Facebook page along with a good review.
We’ll definitely use you again for stuff like this.

hi Guy,
here’s a couple of photos of the control as far as we’ve got so far, pretty much there 🙂
it’s looking great i think, and we’re lready getting comments about the furniture, from everyone who’s come in so far.. (been plugging your website!)
thanks again, brilliant

Hi Guy,
I realised I did not thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done on my rack.
Attached you’ll find a photo of it sitting beautifully in my living room.
Thanks a lot your services, I would definitely recommend you to family and friends.

Just a note to say thank you very much for making the TV unit and bookcase for us.
My wife an I are really pleased and the new units look great.
Thanks again.

Just put it [the desk] together this morning – have sent you a photo – really really please with it – exceed expectations which is always nice

Hey Guy
The desks are really great, thanks again for your work on them, really great craftsmanship! They are perfect for the space, we’ve got a proper hipster office now complete with beanbags, reclaimed furniture, synths and a few beards here and there.
I’d imagine in 6 months or so we may well need a few more so I’ll be sure to drop you a line!

Am just sat working at my new desk and think it’s absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. Can you let me know what stain/oil was used to coat the wood?

Hi Guy
The desks look great and were a dream to assemble, thanks so much! Just need to find a home for the old ones now! 🙂

From first conception to finished product, Guy crafted my beautiful bespoke bookcase in just a week. I was so pleased with it, I ordered another one!

I’m absolutely delighted with the bespoke bookcase Guy made for me. It’s the exact size and specifications I requested and a perfect new home for all my books. It’s chunky and solid and completely unique; I’d heartily recommend these wonderful products.

I just wanted to say that the desk arrived safely and was very easy to assemble (even for hopeless DIY-phobics like us!). The desk looks beautiful and has bags of character, thank you for making it!